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Why do people hate Justin Bieber?

Friday, April 22, 2011 , Posted by Jz at 6:49 PM

If you've ever asked this question in your life,




Why 2nd? You might ask. Because the first question would definitely be no other than bunch of retards asking




Get a life noobs.


Anyway back to the topic, I tried to use the almighty Google to find the answers, but 90% of the answers are the fans, especially girls, saying




Then I was like




Please, Justin Bieber would be the last star on Earth I would be jealous of? I mean, if Ribika Brack isn't one of them. Okay, maybe I'm jealous of the part where Justin Bieber gets laid,




But that's not the point.


Lindsay Lohan did drugs, Chris Brown hit Rihanna, Lady Gaga is a 20 times weirder freak than Justin Bieber, Edison Chen multi-tasked entertaining  videos, and Michael Jackson had a chimpanzee(?). But crap, the sum of their haters cannot beat Justin Bieber's? And there must be a reason for that.


So I'm here to express my humble opinions on it.




Despite of the fact that I don't like his voice and think his lyrics are stupid, I reckon I shouldn't make any judgement on this as different people have different taste on music. Perhaps some people just like the way he sings without 1 of his guts. However, I happened to come across some of his videos because of his "fans" in Facebook, thanks again girls. And his videos suck, suck big time. An example,




I stunned. And the video has 23 million views.




Then I also came across this in Google, "his songs are annoying as HELL. its always about love. Is that all he can think about?" I agree. Yes I know Taylor Swift does the same, but heck, don't you think Bieber is a bit underage for that?


You don't think so? That's perfectly fine, it's your hobby (?) not mine. But how about this video?




If you like this video and don't find talking shits while hitting keyboard randomly retarded, I adore you, deep from my heart. Like real.


"Roses are red, voilets are blue, and I love you." Really? It reminds me of Retarded Jack




And lastly, he has no talent, I mean NO FUCKING TALENT AT ALL, on acting, look at how he gets shot in whatever drama or movie it is,



His fans were still going "OMAIGOSH HE HAZ SKILLZ / HE ISH SO CUTE EVEN WHEN HE GOT SHOT / BEEBER CAN ACT / ETC ", what the fork? Lets not talk about how he doesn't look like a badass at all, all he did were shaking?




Then when he was about to "die" he literally looked back on the floor to make sure he would have his pretty ass fallen on the cushion,




Crap, he even came out with a movie about his real life ( real life as in 16 fucking years ) story, I thought people only do that when someone dies?


That's all I guess, sometimes I really admire those haters out there, trolling endlessly without a life is one thing, being capable of watching every video of Justin Bieber is another. Crap, watching two of them almost had me mentally killed already.



Well anyway, Justin Bieber should really answer a "yes" for Rebecca Black's request for duet,



Negative negative positive no?


And you can find funny pictures by googling "Justin Bieber Rebecca Black duet", for example these.






Ew these people are mean.

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  1. Jeenie says:

    omg.. u hv no image at all.. when beiber grow up he'll notice how lame he was.. forgive him lar.. a kid only...

  1. Jz says:

    Er just to make sure, are you the Jeenie that I know? xDDD

    Anyway about my image I'd rather be a mad kid than having those chok yeoung like those act cool kids xD

    And I have nothing against Bieber. :D

  1. debra says:

    i have no idea why everyone hates bieber. he's just a kid anyway. hahaha btw nice blog, very entertaining!

  1. Small Kucing says:

    LOL..good question. My friend's daughter is crazy about him

  1. Jz says:

    Just the opposite, I have no idea why some people love Bieber. LOL Anyway thanks I'm just making fun of him and have nothing against him.

    Small Kucing:
    "Daughter", expected right xD

  1. j_fish says:

    Well he's considered cute for a teenager. THere are lots of teenage girls who love him, a whole group of teenage boys who hate him but most of us just ignores him. bah.

  1. Kelvin says:

    HAHAHAHHAHA, this post if freaking funny XD

  1. Jz says:

    +1 @ ignoring him. lmfao

    You meant "is", thanks xD

  1. Kristin says:

    Lol! Seriously, I also dont understand why little girls like him so much! Your post is really funny!

  1. Anonymous says:

    He ain't even started shitting dark brown yet.