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Why do people hate Justin Bieber?

Posted by Jz on Friday, April 22, 2011 | comments (10)

If you've ever asked this question in your life,




Why 2nd? You might ask. Because the first question would definitely be no other than bunch of retards asking




Get a life noobs.


Anyway back to the topic, I tried to use the almighty Google to find the answers, but 90% of the answers are the fans, especially girls, saying




Then I was like




Please, Justin Bieber would be the last star on Earth I would be jealous of? I mean, if Ribika Brack isn't one of them. Okay, maybe I'm jealous of the part where Justin Bieber gets laid,




But that's not the point.


Lindsay Lohan did drugs, Chris Brown hit Rihanna, Lady Gaga is a 20 times weirder freak than Justin Bieber, Edison Chen multi-tasked entertaining  videos, and Michael Jackson had a chimpanzee(?). But crap, the sum of their haters cannot beat Justin Bieber's? And there must be a reason for that.


So I'm here to express my humble opinions on it.




Despite of the fact that I don't like his voice and think his lyrics are stupid, I reckon I shouldn't make any judgement on this as different people have different taste on music. Perhaps some people just like the way he sings without 1 of his guts. However, I happened to come across some of his videos because of his "fans" in Facebook, thanks again girls. And his videos suck, suck big time. An example,




I stunned. And the video has 23 million views.




Then I also came across this in Google, "his songs are annoying as HELL. its always about love. Is that all he can think about?" I agree. Yes I know Taylor Swift does the same, but heck, don't you think Bieber is a bit underage for that?


You don't think so? That's perfectly fine, it's your hobby (?) not mine. But how about this video?




If you like this video and don't find talking shits while hitting keyboard randomly retarded, I adore you, deep from my heart. Like real.


"Roses are red, voilets are blue, and I love you." Really? It reminds me of Retarded Jack




And lastly, he has no talent, I mean NO FUCKING TALENT AT ALL, on acting, look at how he gets shot in whatever drama or movie it is,



His fans were still going "OMAIGOSH HE HAZ SKILLZ / HE ISH SO CUTE EVEN WHEN HE GOT SHOT / BEEBER CAN ACT / ETC ", what the fork? Lets not talk about how he doesn't look like a badass at all, all he did were shaking?




Then when he was about to "die" he literally looked back on the floor to make sure he would have his pretty ass fallen on the cushion,




Crap, he even came out with a movie about his real life ( real life as in 16 fucking years ) story, I thought people only do that when someone dies?


That's all I guess, sometimes I really admire those haters out there, trolling endlessly without a life is one thing, being capable of watching every video of Justin Bieber is another. Crap, watching two of them almost had me mentally killed already.



Well anyway, Justin Bieber should really answer a "yes" for Rebecca Black's request for duet,



Negative negative positive no?


And you can find funny pictures by googling "Justin Bieber Rebecca Black duet", for example these.






Ew these people are mean.

I want to meet Justeen Beeeber

Posted by Jz on Sunday, April 17, 2011 | comments (9)

Hai people it's me kicking asses again. First of all I'd like to say,




If you find that line familiar to you, no, I'm not imitating this girl.



Ok maybe yes, but that's not the point. Anyway, continue my message to Beeber.


I didn't watch more than 2 videos of you from Youtube, didn't memorize all the lyrics of your songs ( tho they're easy and go with pointless "baby baby baby ohhhh" ), don't love anything about you, don't follow you on Twitter, but when I see you on the front cover of a magazine, I will definitely, I mean maybe, or possibly, buy it! And I love this the most,




And Justeen, you are so cute, you are so awesome, especially when you swing your hair,




Justeen, your voice is so amazing, you really got talent on singing, since not everyone is capable of not hitting puberty. And youuuuu, youuuuuuuuuuu, Justeen Beeber, please take care, duuuu you feeeel better?




You know what, last time I saw your face on DiGi reload card, I shouted! Then I switched my service provider to Maxis.


Okay that's it Beeber I hope I win, kay thank bye!




Anyway I know some saint wannabes might start trolling on how I make fun of a 13 year old girl, but please like I care, not the first time I make fun on a 13 years old? Who was the last one again? Oh right Ribika Brack (click).


Speaking of that idol of mine, she has already reached 100 millions views on her infamous song Friday! Congratulation! That makes her way more famous than Britney Spear or Edison Chen. Crap, why did I bring Edison Chen in? Anyway to celebrate that I'm here to share with you all, the ORIGINAL VERSION OF FRIDAY! YES! THE ONE WITHOUT AUTOTUNE!





Oh ya lastly before I end this post,



The best April Fool joke ever

Posted by Jz on Saturday, April 2, 2011 | comments (9)

Do you know what would a lecturer do when he or she cannot use the word "stupid" on the monkeys whom their parents pay to the college?


What my lecturer did yesterday was she drew a complex graph and asked us a question, when no one knew the answer, she said this with a smile on her face:


"Use common sense lah!"


Others didn't get her but I was like:




Pissed, I forgive her and take it as an April Fool joke, so kind of me.


Anyway, about the April Fool, the self-proclaimed clever ass like me finally got tricked for the first time. As I said in my last post, I love Friday and I love Rebecca Black (click), the hell, the first and the only singer whom I idolize, therefore when I ran into this in the internet




I couldn't help myself again and went




Hell yea! I'd have the chance to be educated about how the yesterday of Friday would be Thursday and the next day would be Saturday by Rebecca Black herself! We we we so excited!


But when I read the poster carefully, what the fork!? Since when June has 31th!? Then I went to check my calendar 27 times and the result was yes, there's no 31th in June.  I got stunned and went depressed for 3 hours because of that.




Which sick fuck was that, seriously? Fooling around with a joke like that? It's not even funny! You gave me such a big hope and you broke it!


The last time it happened was when I was 5 and my mum said this to me


VARIOUS...Mandatory Credit: Photo by OJO Images / Rex Features ( 1024690a )
 MODEL RELEASED Doctor talking to mother and son in hospital room


and I got my butt nailed. Okay maybe that's not somehow related, but my point is:


You guys just cannot play jokes in ordinary and traditional ways, can you? Like this




Eh wait, that's Halloween.