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Are you a Racist?

Sunday, March 27, 2011 , Posted by Jz at 11:13 PM

Hi, this is Jack back in actions.




Yes, still the same shits. The same pyjamas, the same background, the same kindergarten curtain, and the same asshole right here.


It's been such a long time and I ( not really ) miss you guys! I guess you people can understand that sometimes shit happens in life, and it did happen to me, pretty much explained why I'd disappeared in blogsphere and been busy with it for these months. But I swear it wasn't watching movies or playing games or lazing around or eating everywhere or stalking girls in Facebook or anything that you think I was doing. I swear, okay maybe swearing isn't wise in this case.


Anyway I wasn't disconnected with this world! I did know everything from the internet when I was stalkin… I mean, socializing in Facebook. For example I've always wanted to blog about this Alexandra Wallace's video in Youtube, which took me to watch 3 times to understand what was she trying to say because I was paying attention to her c… er what…? Cle…? Cleava…? Oh… shoulders, for the first 2 times. 



I was like, gosh, why did people have to exaggerate the issue? She is just a young girl pointing out her opinions towards Axian people? Why are you guys having an issue with a blond? You guys are 100% razistz! Take this online test if you don't trust me:



Back to the point, first, if she was right about how Axian people bring their relatives to the apartment she stays and make her apartment look like an old fork house (?), then it's the Axian people's fault!


Do you want your student apartment to be filled with old people? I wouldn't want to, because if I walk around in the apartment with half of my boobs exposed, those old Axian people will go:



That's no good. Secondly, these Axian people should be more considerate and learn the Amelika Manner that she was talking about. What the heck were you retarded guys doing? When you Axian people are studying in Amelika, please remember to be polight and nais like this girl herself,




I think that's her point, or not?


By the way, I think there's something this girl needs to know, whiz bling mii to mai nex pointz: Hai! In Axians, they don't do last minute study!


Axians will be "deep in their study, into their political sciences, theories and arguments, and all that stuff, getting it all down, like typing away furiously bla bla bla" like few weeks before the final, then when the final week comes, they will purposely go to the library and:




Eh wait, is that an axian? Whatever that's not the point, the point is, they do that purposely so that some retards who actually study at the very last minute will get their asses owned in the exam. Yes, that's evil, so put that in mind kid.


You ask me why do I know? Because I do that all the time! I'm a freaking Chinist and I'm an Axian.




But no, I'm not Jackie Chan.

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  1. Ching Chong Ling Long Ding Dong! That's not Chinese nor Japanese, that's PANESE. :) watch nigahiga on youtube then u'll get the joke! :D

  1. Jz says:

    LOL The Off The Pill guy, he is hilarious. Panese.