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A life update

Posted by Jz on Saturday, November 6, 2010 | comments (0)

After abandoning my blog for so long, I’m finally here although I don’t really have anything to write on. Seriously life has been pretty plain for me, all I did for the previous weeks was either studying or doing assignments. Okay not really. But I don’t think people here would like to listen to me talking about how many good foods I have eaten, how many times I have my voice broken in Redbox or how many times I hit on girls and failed. Whatever, here is the short update.


The most significant event within these weeks was, no doubt, the Halloween. And no, I didn’t turn myself into Edward Cullen like all people out there expected me to (thank you thank you), but instead, I turned into the pimple man.



Did I hear girls crying out there? LMAO! Anyway, I didn’t join any party, good kids like me just dated some friends for a decent *ahem* dinner. Well, It’s not like we have the ‘trick or treat’ shit here, the only reason why Malaysians get dressed in Halloween is to go clubbing.


image (P/S: This photo was taken last year and, erm, I’m not inside.)


Seriously, when I was young I thought places like clubs will not survive in Islamic countries, like Malaysia itself, but heck, I was wrong. Tell me when Malaysians don’t go clubbing? Birthday, clubbing. Ladies night, clubbing. Every Friday/Saturday, clubbing. New year eve, clubbing. Chinese New Year eve, clubbing. Halloween, clubbing. Christmas eve, clubbing. Heck, I bet someday they are going to go clubbing on cheng beng (Tomb-sweeping Day) eve.




Secondly, after studying for almost 1 year in KL, kampung kid like me finally got to place my butt on the KTM and LRT. Things were going well as I was excited like a kid who sits on a plane for the first time (like real), until the time when I had to go back at 6pm.


All the people were released from their workplaces and rushed into KTM station like they were going to die, no wait, nothing like Final Destination happened so no worries. All the coaches were full and I didn’t manage to get into em, so I ran and ran and finally saw a coach which there were still spaces. Just when I was about to step inside, a security blocked me:


‘Adik, wanita saja.’ (Kid, for women only)



Yes, I’ve heard of this on whatever newspaper before. But when thing happened, I couldn’t help but to shout at the security:




Okay I didn’t shout that shit. And I know I’m lame.