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Nuffnang Event: Vaseline Poolside Party

Thursday, October 7, 2010 , Posted by Jz at 3:56 AM

Forgive my late update, you know, my life had been a little too busy (again) due to err, forget it.


I was invited as one of the 75 bloggers to the party with this post. I didn’t really expect I would get invited, especially when the post was like full of pictures like this, although it was initially written for the 3,000 bucks cash prize.




I was actually thinking of creatively commercialize my post so that I could stand a chance to win, but at last I figured I just couldn’t make it, jokers like me should be just jokers. Well, at least I won something else.




Yes, the Vaseline products, which were given to all the guests of the party. This incident taught me a lesson – we should be honest. Because in the post I used to join the event, I actually put something like this.




And Nuffnang really let me take the products home! God damn it, I should’ve put something like this instead,





Okay okay I know I’m going too far again, should go back to the topic now. I joined Nuffnang last year and I told myself, I would definitely go to Nuffnang parties if I have the chance to study in KL. This time, my wish came true.




And it didn’t disappoint me. You see, the girls location was great,




a poolside party is always awesome, a poolside party at 34th floor with people serving you with drinks sumoreeee! Aiya, although no bikini disappoint me a bit lahhh.


Then we have the pretty host, Jojo Struys.



The got meh comedian, Kuah Jenhan




Okay, the dialogues are designed.


And a Malay singer with really sweet voice, Yuna.




I didn’t know her until I attended the party, and trust me, she can really sing well.


Anyway, I don’t want to bore you with too much of details as you might already know em from others’ posts. And I know my readers (which is probably one or two) don’t come here to see how Jack writes an essay, they want the joker, or the asshole.


Let me tell you something, the joker, or the asshole, was lucky enough to win a lucky draw which he had never won a single one before that.




But the joker is not here to show off, the point is, when he got up to the stage, the host aka Jojo Struys, asked him:




Okay, forget the ‘OH HELL YESS’ part.

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  1. melmonica says:

    I thought I was the funny one but you win hands down.

    Anyway, so nice that you get to go to the partay! Have a great weekend. Cheerios~

  1. Jz says:

    I'm not funny I'm serious. LOL

    and thanks!