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Andrew’s Birthday

Saturday, October 9, 2010 , Posted by Jz at 12:02 AM

Yesterday was Andrew' birthday, and you can tell how important it is for me when you see me had my beard shaved.




I love my beard (yes I don’t care what the heck you girls think), and I only shave them for something really important. That’s why you can see (which you cannot) I didn’t shave since the Nuffnang party.


Anyway, back to the title. Although some people think Andrew is a nerd, he has always been a good friend of mine. Eh? You asked me why? Because he is a good and erm… okay lets skip this part. When you know that this little birthday celebration was made up by only 4 people, you might want to leave this page already, but for me, it was the gayest birthday celebration ever.


First – We have the gayest cake that an ordinary guy wouldn’t want to have.




Seriously, receiving a cake in the shape of boobs is way better than this. And although it’s not convincing, I still have to explain, it wasn’t bought / picked / suggested by me! I was like ‘WHAT THE FLYING FUCK’ when I saw this cake, though I was informed earlier that the cake would be gay.


Second- We have the gayest birthday card that an ordinary guy wouldn’t want to have as well.




The name of the writer is censored to protect their relationship. But to make all of us clear that it wasn’t me. I purposely left out the first word, so it’s not ‘J’ that might stand for ‘Jack’ or ‘Jz’, it’s a ‘A’ that stands for another name.


P/S: The drawing sucks, really.


Third- We have the gayest gift that an ordinary guy wouldn’t want to have as well.




Okay, again, I wasn’t the one who bought the roses (why it seems like I’m trying to push away all the responsibilities away from me LOL). They were contributed by the DON’T-WANT-TO-TAKE-PHOTO-WITH-US lovely housemate of ours.



And the birthday guy definitely liked it so much.



Currently have 3 comments:

  1. Jessica Liu says:

    firstly, it's so hard to bilieve u r not gay... soooo hard~~
    next, I THINK THE DAWING IS QUITE NICE!! it should be from a super cute person!

  1. Jz says:

    I think the one who drew that must had some problems. LOL

  1. Jessica Liu says:

    the only problem is TOOOOO CUTE!! hohohoho~~