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Where have I been?

Saturday, September 25, 2010 , Posted by Jz at 2:17 PM

I know I know I’ve been disappearing from here for ages, but hey! I have a lot of serious things to do okay? And when I say serious things, I mean things like studying and doing assignments, look at my white hairs.




But damn, I know no one is going to believe me (which you’re probably right), people always think that my white hairs are contributed by thinking too much of 18sx shits.




Okay, if you ask me, which you probably wouldn’t, where’ve I been or what’ve I done besides studying *ahem*, I’d say not much.


I surprisingly and accidentally paid a visit to iCity with bunch of creepy, I mean friendly and funny and cute friends.




As I said earlier, the trip was ‘accidentally’ organized, so no one brought a decent camera to take picture with the buildings and decorations with full of colourful bulbs, so freaking google about iCity yourself.


You know, looking at bulbs is boring, so people started doing some 18 rated stuffs.



For example, me, butt-raping the bulb-made polar bears.



And the rest are not for kids so lets finish the iCity part and proceed to the next one.


I got back to Penang during the Raya holidays, and met up with friends.



Again, this is the only can-be-posted picture. Due to the reason that my parents are actually so in and read my blog constantly, I have to make some explanations.



These are soya bean milk.



These are fresh orange, WE DIDN’T MIX ANYTHING I SWEAR.



Obviously, these are mineral water, yes, mineral water.



See the logo of the bottle? It’s fresh orange with nice designed bottle.



These are…erm…okay…imported Coca-Cola with new design!

Currently have 2 comments:

  1. ken says:

    haha.. coke becomes green edy? lolss..

  1. Jz says:

    Yes, and I don't know why.