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Welcome to Playboy Mansion!

Thursday, August 5, 2010 , Posted by Jz at 9:06 PM

Ohai! Finally I make a post again, after so long of settling down in KL. Trust me, you cannot imagine how thick the dust can be for just one month here, so I had been cleaning up my rooms, messing with college stuffs, and building a Playboy Mansion.


Yes, a Playboy Mansion.




People in Malaysia are rarely exposed to this bunny logo (I think LOL) because our kind and good and clean and ethical government has banned the Playboy’s website and magazine for our own good.


So not to say the it’s founder, or the idol of every man on earth (besides Malaysia LMAO), Hugh Hefner.




This guy who is always in a red bathrobe is not an ordinary uncle out there, and I’m not talking about his money duhhh,




and look at who might he marry at this age (click).


And his Playboy Mansion, is always hosting some not-suitable-for-Malaysian parties, which some reluctantly-acceptable-for-Malaysian pictures can be found here (click).


Okay, I’m getting excited and going too far, back to the title of building a Playboy Mansion. I was playing The Sims 3 for some god knows reasons and was inspired to build one in the game.



Eh wait wait! To make things clear, I was inspired by watching a movie names Miss March in PPS but not surfing okay? I don’t know how to use PROXY SERVICES to surf that site.


And yes I do know the fact that The Sims 3 is a lame game which people go search and download the simmed  stars like Megan Fox / Angelina Jolie / Taylor Shift / Edward Cullen just to WOO-HOO with them, you know what I mean, but I was way too bored!


Anyway I downloaded a mansion from, I forget, but who cares, it’s a mansion.


Screenshot Screenshot-3


Then I made Hugh Hefner.


Screenshot-8 Screenshot-10 

Maybe it does not really look like the real one, well, that doesn’t matter, as long as we have girls in the mansion.




Like the parties in the real Playboy Mansion, we always have girls dancing all around the house, although in The Sims they are in a more suitable-for-Malaysian version laah.




You will also run into a hot girl in bikini occasionally, I mean, frequently. Despite the fact that you’re an old shit, like the real Hugh Hefner, you can always talk and flirt with them!




Life is good!


However, the longer I played, the more stupid things I found. For example, the girls would hate you if you flirt with other girls in front of them, which I doubt it would happen to the real Hugh Hefner.




And what the flying heck!? Not to say WOO-HOO with them, the fake Hugh Hefner even failed just to kiss a girl!



That’s why I think I should really stop playing and do something more decent, like going and looking forward to Hugh Hefner. LMFAO!

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  1. Hugh hefner, you ol bas3rd!

  1. Steve says:

    so lame =.=

  1. ken says:

    haha.. sims! miss playing it =P