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Is acting cute really retarded?

Monday, August 30, 2010 , Posted by Jz at 9:56 PM

I haven’t been blogging daily for ages, so when you see me blogging again within 24 hours like RIGHT NOW, there must be something wrong with me. (Although some people believe that there is always something wrong with me.)




Anyway, today will be a short one.


Actually I was inspired a friend from blogsphere, Chris. Somehow, I used to feel that he and I have the same ideology or perspectives towards stuffs.


However, I’m sad to say that we have finally come a disagreement today.


In his latest post, “I Farking HATE cute posts”, Chris seems to be dissatisfied with the people who like to act cute, he, therefore, sarcastically imitates the photos and writing style of those who he calls semi-retarded, with full of ironies in his words.


Yes, we do have this kind of acting cute people all around blogsphere, Facebook, and shits. Despite of the fact that >sometimes< they’re annoying, it’s really impropriate to label them as “retarded”.


Seriously, tell me what’s so retarded of acting cute,


123 (with his so-called distorting mouth and forcefully-bigger eyes.)


Tell me. LMAO!


So Chris, you don’t have to be so mean to them! There is nothing wrong with acting retarded, sorry, I mean, acting cute.


By the way, I sacrificed my already-in-deep-shit image and already-left-few fans to help you out here because your pictures are too cute to present the retard-ed-ness. LOLOL

Currently have 4 comments:

  1. Jessica Liu says:

    OMG... seriously, cannot stand the photo that u post lah....... seriously!!!! im serious....

  1. haha epic picture! can fight my last pic seh... hahaha. I get ur sarcasm here too xP

  1. Erika Toh says:

    Ahaha...that's one funny post! ^^ Am I guilty of that too? You tell me! Haha! xP

  1. Jz says:

    Jess: I'm too cute? LOL

    Chris: No, you sensed the wrong thing. No sarcasm here LMAOOOO.

    Erika: Erm! I have nothing against acting cute! Ask Chris! xDD