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Langkawi Trip – Day Two

Thursday, July 22, 2010 , Posted by Jz at 2:11 PM

Okay, I purposely separate the post into three parts. I know it bores you, but choi arh? LMAO!


So on the day two, I was disturbed to wake up early in the morning to mess with the pario/pariuh/whatever-shit the girls bought on the previous night. They look nice, though it didn’t worth my sleep time.



After everything was prepared we took a speed boat and started the islands hopping.



The 1st island was i-don’t-know-4, there is a really charming lake on the island.



Where I dropped the RM20,000 shades into it accidentally. No kidding, I mean the shades dropping part. I tried to retrieve it by jumping and diving into the lake,



and then gave and got up immediately after realising how deep and creepy the lake was.


Fuck the lake!


Then at the second island, there were shitload of eagles flying around but I didn’t take any picture (fucking buy me DSLR please) so I’ll just skip this part.


Finally on the last island,



Oh yes I know you love my armpit hairs.


It was like the whole island belonged to us, where we can relax without disturbance from other tourists.



Although there were only trees and a self-high+camwhore sohai up there.



After the islands hopping was the girls favourite part, and also mine, tax-free shopping at the town!



Now you know why I love Langkawi, girls took 4 hours shopped shitload of chocolates.



The guys did the same thing as well, just not for chocolates.



I’m just fucked up. LMAO!


Oh ya, the girls said they got bored of posting the same in all the pictures, like this.



Seriously, don’t blame others when you cannot be as cool as me.



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  1. chris_lim says:

    Eh really curious, how much is that white and dark whittaker's chocolate?

  1. Jz says:

    Chris: Erm don't know the girls bought em. According to them they're alot cheaper there.

    Ejaz: thanks