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Another simple outing

Saturday, July 3, 2010 , Posted by Jz at 11:24 PM

Ohai! I finally visited my own blog after days, forgive me I have been having tight schedule since I came back from KL. So if you wanna date Jack before he goes back to KL, please make appointment earlier to his secretary, aka Jack himself.


*Back to the title*


Anyway I went out with another bunch of friends to have dinner and some drinks after that.



*Finally the all-in-1 picture can be used LMAO!*


About the restaurant,


the environment was quite okay,


the food was quite okay,


the service was quite okay,


but the bill didn’t seem to be okay.


As in for a poor student like me, I felt full by just looking at the menu.


Okay I should stop complaining about the price, the restaurant, or Little Cottage if you’re interested, was quite nice but it’d be perfect if they reduce the price have some people playing violin while we’re eating.


Then instead of going to some drinking-places like we used to, we decided to head to Coffee Island. Though that didn’t actually make anything difference.




Then I forget which pokai kind and good and handsome/pretty friend suggested the idea of feeding me cake, 






plus cleaning my mouth,



as my belated birthday celebration, which made me feel like a handicap or semi-retarded.



Well guess I’m just so talented to be semi-retarded, though I’m just too brilliant plus clever plus intelligent to be one. LOL!

Currently have 4 comments:

  1. kenwooi says:

    hey king, so nice ar ppl feed you.. haha =P

  1. YULI says:

    simple yet special when shared with love ones

  1. Jz says:

    Kenwooi: Try if you have a chance, then only tell me if it's really nice xD

    Yuli: yea :)

    Nina: thanks!