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Annoying Shits You Do on Facebook

Saturday, July 31, 2010 , Posted by Jz at 12:52 AM

For your information, I’m already back to KL, which you can tell from my 2,000 years old Langkawi pyjamas and my kindergarten’s curtains,




so don’t expect me to blog that much as I’ll be freaking busy (which I doubt) okay?


Anyway days earlier I went through the Funny Things You Do on Facebook in Kenwooi Blog and decided to make an extended version aka this post and rename it as Annoying Shits You Do on Facebook.


Okay let me tell you something, Kenwooi may just be too friendly so he used the words like amusing, weird, funny, and etc. For me? HA! Guess I’m not that friendly. The different is, I don’t really care if you do all the amusing, weird or funny things as long as it doesn’t annoy others!




There is no need for me to explain what is Facebook I reckon? Please, even my dad plays Facebook now, those who don’t know what is it should just hit their head on the wall like right now. So just get it started.


1) Annoying updates.

Yes, Facebook is all about updating people about what you’re doing or what you think, but not ALL!? It reminds me a lame joke from Goldfish Uncle Blog.



1 or 2 are fine, but not when you fill up my whole fucking home page of Facebook! I’m seriously glad that Facebook implemented the filter system.


2) Emo updates.

We all do go emo sometimes, some will just sit at a corner alone (sounds really emo LMAO), find someone to talk, listen to some songs, and some, will just post on Facebook.




The case is, some people are like, 24/7 emo whenever they got on Facebook? They will be hehe haha when they’re in college or work then suddenly when they get on Facebook they turn 180 degree into an emo shit like their parents child-abused them.


For your own sakes, delete your Facebook account duh!


3) Romantic updates, I mean, they-think-they-are-romantic updates.

These are what I label as craps and don’t know they are trying to attract some underage kids out there or what.


You won’t even know they’re this ‘romantic’ before you add them in Facebook. Like you thought I’m a mad person then added me in Facebook and saw this:




And these updates are usually followed by shitload of ‘LIKE’ and comments form the like of them that make those updates into the News Feed.


Oh yea, the funny things I always saw were like after posting  this much of craps, they ended up breaking up with his/her girlfriend/boyfriend.


4) Facebook’s games and applications.

Yes yes I understand that they’re totally fun and addictive! So I don’t even care of you’ve already thrown 912,334 bucks into them, or fucked your own Facebook profile up with those game updates because I’ve probably filtered you.






5) VOTE ME PLS updates.

I don’t know which clever shit started this but this has become one popular and annoying shit in Facebook. Lame organizers keep organizing lame contests and lame people keep joining these lame contests for lame presents or a lame virtual name.




The contests, obviously, are some cheap online advertisements or whatsoever that require you go ‘LIKE’ the site then only you can ‘VOTE’ for your friends.


Don’t really care if you wanna be lame, you can post as many as you like in your profile, but stop tagging/ asking/ messaging/ begging/ crying for votes! It’s not like we can elect our Prime Minister that way.



6) I sell things updates.

Facebook seems to be used commercially these days, so selling and introducing products on Facebook are just fine, really. But not when you tag everyone in the pictures of your products…



Suddenly I feel lucky that I was born out with a penis, I know girls suffer from it a lot, like A LOT.



I guess those with a Facebook account should be familiar with this.



Usually they will post up few pictures with shitload of money then tag you to attract you. When you’re fished up, they will ask you to send a message to them so they can ‘help you to earn money’.


Please lah, ‘help you to earn money’ or ‘to earn your money’? I don’t even want to explain this shit, a semi-retarded like me understands it, are you a total retarded?




Okay, I know after losing some fans from girls and guys from the posts earlier, now I gonna lost more from Facebook.


But who cares, I’m still an insensitive bastard LMAOO!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    True enuf, but i hate hamsap people in facebook the most

  1. haha, u know what. If u run for prime minister i will 'like' that picture LOL.

  1. Jz says:

    Anon: As long as they don't annoy me haha

    Chris: LMAO appreciated!