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So you want RM3.3 million?

Friday, June 11, 2010 , Posted by Jz at 3:17 AM

Ohai! I know it’s been a gay long time, but you should really understand that I’m under a great stress which I found hard to comprehend with recently. Look at my hair now,




And just one month ago it was like,



Yes, this picture again. Life was too busy for me to take pictures and I know you all love it (ROFL!).


So can you imagine how stressed I am? My final exam will start in less than one week and I still have shitload to read. Business Law, Accounting, Economics, Business Information System, they’re like some sort of slow poisons that rip me off slowly. The books have been keeping me awake until 4am for almost 1 week and I sometimes even had to sleep like this!



I know my old friends in Penang are not going to believe this, well it’s not because that you guys had never seen Jack got stressed before in PMR SPM or Foundation then it means Jack won’t get stressed. Seriously this time…



Erm okay, I was kidding LMAO! Even my parents won’t believe in this crap lah! Don’t tell me you actually believe my craps because I put my glasses on. My white hair is perfectly inherited from both of of my parents and I don’t even know my exact exam table besides it starts on 15 to 18 June.


And actually I’m fooling around with these until 4am.



I think I’ll get bashed into pieces when I get back to Penang next week if my mom reads this.


Eh wait! What a som booo deeeee (click)! OUR TITLE IS 3.3 MILLION!


*Back to the title*


Every night I do read some news online and just now I went through this.

(wat? lu duno chinese? go do google translate lah lazy dauu!)


The main point is a random business man got arrested and detained for 300 days under the ISA for being accused of making fake passports or sort, then at the end of the day the court decided that it was illegal and the business man got compensated by a damage of RM3.3 million.


What a som booooo deeeeeeee? He was entitled to claim a damage of RM20k per day of detaining for some who-cares-I-just-saw-3.3m reasons which would make up a total of RM6 million. And the court gave the government and the I-don’t-know-I-just-saw-3.3m people 50% discount then it ended up become RM3.3 million.


NOW WHAT THE *CENSORED*! We people pay shitload of taxes and now because of ISA government has to pay a random person RM3.3 million!?


What? I cannot get pissed on behalf of my parents? And who says I haven’t started paying taxes yet, where the hell do you think the service charges and government taxes you paid when you ate in restaurant went to?


So you cannot blame me for getting so pissed! Unless… I were the one getting 3.3m bucks lah of course!




NO WAY! I’m going to earn more than RM20k/day after becoming a PM (CLICK). OH NOES I DIDN’T MEAN ANYTHING!


Again, I was joking, I don’t want to be ass-raped detained for 3.3m bucks. So for my asshole freedom sake, please don’t arrest me under ISA because even a 3 years old knows I’m a pure idiot plus semi-retarded after reading my blog, and our government is just like like what Goldfish Uncle said about the police:


The Malaysian Police Government is extremely honest and transparent and great and invincible and intelligent and the greatest gift God has ever given to mankind.

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  1. chris_lim says:

    Lol so stress ka? until not even 1 normal pic in this post. I oso so-called stress. I started studying this morning for the exam today. That's all stress compiled into a few hours hoho.