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Girls: Why Football?

Saturday, June 12, 2010 , Posted by Jz at 2:30 AM

Ohai! It’s me again! Yes it’s weird to see me 2 days here continuous after I have lost the passion of blogging. There is a really simple explanation anyway, because exam is getting nearer and nearer. I don’t know why but when exam is near I’d go mad and look like this every night.




I’d stop gaming that much because I know I shouldn’t but I won’t study that much as well although I should, then crazy thoughts will come into my mind and the asshole Jack will appear in this blog again.


So, lets go back to the topic without dragging it much further like yesterday, why football?


I believe that this question has been bugging shitload of girls and wives out there, especially like the world cup season now when your boyfriend and husband suddenly becomes hardworking and wants to do some studies or overtime. You girls just don’t understand what’s the fun of looking bunch of guys chasing at a ball and yelling like some retards when their favourite team scores a goal.




Okay well, it’s just the same theory of why you girls like shopping that much, which we guys don’t really understand as well. We also don’t really understand why you girls need so much of cloths / shoes / heels / accessories / bags when you didn’t even wear some of them in your closet for more than 5 times. You see I have been using this ugly and lala bag since Form 2 and I’m still using it.




So it seems to us that they’re just some wastages that could be donated and save few kids in Africa, or to let us fly to South Africa for the World Cup (weee).


In conclusion, there are differences between guys and girls so we cannot question each other really much. I know you girls have shitload of reasons why shopping is good and etc, but don’t ask me why guys love football as I’m not really into it.


YES! I’m one of the small portion of guys that you girls are looking for! I’m not into football!


However, I’m into another kind of balls.



Hey! Every guy is into this okay? LMAO!

(So now I lost fans from both guys and girls LOL!)

Currently have 4 comments:

  1. Shirleen says:

    lol.. yes indeed.. one of the few who is not attracted to football.. lol..

  1. PoisonKagero says:

    Lol, your pictures are so funny! :) Unlike most girls, I'm pretty into football... ManU and France wooo :)

  1. Jz says:

    Shirleen: Yes yes xD

    PoisonKagero: I'm a MU fan but I just keep an eye on the results, didn't stay awake for the matches.

    Kenwooi: YES LMAO!