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The asshole is back!

Thursday, June 24, 2010 , Posted by Jz at 7:26 PM

Don’t ask me why I didn’t update, wireless in my home fucked up and this laptop had been sleeping for one whole week, new record.


*Back to the title*


It’s been 30 years, I mean 3 months, since I left Penang. And now, the asshole is back! Well, whether the asshole is constructive or destructive to Penang is another case.


First of all, congratulation to myself for finishing my final. If you ask me, which you probably won’t, what’s my feeling after my first final in degree. I’d say FUCK YOU for the Business Information System subject.



I’m seriously glad that I don’t have to touch this inapplicable but brain-space-wasting subject anymore, even memorizing who is the grandmother of Najib would probably help me in becoming Prime Minister in the future, but this? NAH!


However, I’d say PEACE for Accounting, Economics, and perhaps Business Law.




3 of you just got fucking owned and da bao’ed by an asshole who’s so going to be Prime Minister in future. Muafafa go cry!


Anyway, Penang is just a warm place as usual, I mean warm literally, life-shortening warm. Well that doesn’t matter when you have your air condition opened and lazing on your bed.




I know my leg hair is just sexy, admit it and stop being jealous. Lying on your own bed after such a long time is just awesome! So who the fuck cares about the chlorofluoadjasdoroblablacarbon or the global warming or the green house effect? Okay, my parents do, especially when electric bill comes.


When I was wondering where to have gathering with all my friends in Penang as every place is full because world cup has become part of people life,




I found these, which would help me a lot,




Warau eh! I have a new fridge with shitload of these inside! Awesome! Then after I looked around the house that I’m no longer I familiar with, I found…



WARAU EH! SIAU LIAO LA JI PAI! But taking em out for party would probably make the party become the last time you see me.


Okay, before I end this post, if some of you wonder how the asshole the future prime minister looked like when he was a child, I found a picture in my room.




I know I was AM just cute.

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  1. PurPle says:

    cute again cute

  1. Jz says:

    Because I'm? hahahahahahaa