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New Jack in KL

Wednesday, May 12, 2010 , Posted by Jz at 9:10 PM

Dear friends in Penang,


I have been living in KL for about 2 months already, and guess what, I’m still alive! Seriously, I miss you all, I miss my family, I miss Penang’s foods, and I miss Penang! Anyway, believe it or not, during this short period, I have already changed! No no not that kind of change, I’m still a guy.


In Penang, I used to have my mum to prepare most of the meals for me, and I complaint a lot, ‘this again arh?’, ‘I don’t want vegetables!’, ‘full already lah!’, and etc. But now, I have to prepare my own meals, think of what to eat three times daily, worry about my budget.


Of course lah, da bao (take away) from food courts is considered as preparing my own meals already lah~



In Penang, my parents always did everything for me, I didn’t even have to worry. When I needed some hands, my parents were always there for me, to help me, to advice me, or even to deal with the problems that I couldn’t handle. But now, I’ve learnt to be independent and deal with my problems myself.


Of course, spending two hours on assembling a simple cabinet can be considered as independent enough lah~




In Penang, I used to hang out with friends and eat a lot of things. Char Kuey Teow, char mee, hokkien mee, hokkien char, dim sum, junk food, etc. I loved oily food! Do you know how tempting were those fats? My gosh! They were just awesome! That was probably the main reason why I got high cholesterol earlier. But now, I stop eating that much of junks and switch to healthy food.


Of course, definition of so-called ‘healthy food’ is different from person to person lah~



In Penang, I had only three things to do when I was free, Facebook, MSN, and online games, and they can be summarized into one word – online. I bet the time I spent online was longer than the time I spent on sleeping or in college everyday. Yea, I’m definitely qualify to be one of those whom people always say ‘get a life’ to. But now, I exercise and swim daily. Yes you didn’t hear me wrong, Jack swims daily!


Of course, people always say ‘go to swim go to swim’, there is no clear boundary between the definitions of  ‘swimming’ and ‘playing’ in the pool lah~



In Penang, it’s very ordinary to find me online on either MSN or Facebook at 2am morning. My sleeping time was around 3 to 4 morning depending on my mood, my mum nagged, dad scolded, some friends advised, but I was still the same. But now, I sleep early everyday!


Of course, people define the word ‘early’ differently lah~



In Penang, if you were told that ‘weh, Jack reads books!’, what would be your response? Ah I know, these should be expected, ‘haha funny loh’ or ‘yea yea like real’ or ‘tomorrow exam meh?’ or ‘what? Porn?’. Yes, it WAS true, but not now, I have A LOT of books.


Of course, ‘having them’ and actually ‘finish reading them’ are two different things lah~



In Penang, I was being labelled as a 'jiu gui’ (alcoholic), sometimes even myself failed to convince myself that I was actually not. You see, I loved going out to drink with friends, and the only way for me to celebrate friends’ birthdays, graduation, farewell, and etc was always ‘YESH LETS GO TO DRINK!’. But now, here, I officially declare that I’m no longer a jiu gui! (YESH! For those who don’t believe me, fark you! LOL)


Of course, ‘not being an alcoholic’ doesn’t mean ‘don’t drink at all’ right?



So, are you all impressed by my changes? LOL



The brand new Jack.

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  1. chris_lim says:

    I miss Penang's food and I miss Penang too lol. Hey next time lets go QB for movies and then lots of drinks! I hvent gone to cinema here yet, fuk la 16 AUD for 1 ticket.

    Btw u studying in KL? Whr?

  1. Kelvin says:

    I think i should exercise...getting fatter~

  1. Jz says:

    Chris: Sure thing =D but i don't know when will i get back there.

    Kelvin: good luck =P