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Tuesday, April 20, 2010 , Posted by Jz at 1:13 AM

Okay, I know it has been a gay long time since my last update, but this time I have prepared plenty of reasons to explain that!

  1. I have shitload of books to study.
  2. I have shitload of assignments to do.
  3. I have shitload of housework to do.
  4. I have shitload of daily stuffs to take care of.
  5. I have shitload of exercises to do.
  6. I have shitload of places to explore in KL.
  7. I have shitload of food that I want to eat in KL.
  8. I have shitload of games to play.
  9. I have shitload of songs to sing in Redbox.
  10. I need shitload of time to sleep.

24 hours is not enough!

But seriously, nothing interesting actually happened in the past few weeks, unless you want to know how many times I ‘broke sound’ in Redbox or some girl stuffs *wee woo wee woo*.


If you really want to have one, this one is not really interesting, or maybe SHOULDN’T BE interesting. This cute little thing belongs to one of my housemates.



The cheerful girl suddenly broke into tears in front of me when she was returning my money ( YES! People always owe me money! LOL!), the lovely thing passed away.


Somehow, I feel sad as well.


Rest in peace. I’ll miss you, although you tried to shit on my hand twice.

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