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The war between men and cockroaches

Posted by Jz on Thursday, April 29, 2010 | comments (3)

The dates might not be accurate as they have been forgotten.


First week of March-

One of our allies asked for assistance as she found a cockroach was attacking her base. With our help, the cockroach was successfully killed, but in the process, a dead corpse of cockroach was found at a corner. It alerted us that the cockroaches might be hiding within or around our base, we tried to clean our base up to prevent them from attacking.


Third week of March-

One cockroach tried to attack one of us and lastly, we outnumbered it and it was smashed into pieces. On another day, another careless cockroach was noticed by our guard and killed. It seemed like the cockroaches had started the war.


Forth week of March-

New equipments including aerosols were purchased and installed for the purpose of war.


Second week of April-

Another cockroach tried to ambush our base and ran. With the helps of new equipments, the cockroach was killed easily. We officially declared that the war between men and cockroaches had started.

On the second day, we sprayed poison gas and withdrew from our base for few hours. No corpse was found afterward.


Forth week of April-


Two cockroaches were found and killed in the same day. We started to have suspicious regarding the origin of these cockroaches, the main entrances were strictly guarded, how the heck did the cockroaches come in!?


The small holes on the ceiling of toilet were brought to the attention of one of our soldiers. Poison gas was sprayed in the holes.


One corpse was found in the toilet. The holes were confirmed as the origin or the hiding base of the cockroaches, a huge amount of poison gas was sprayed in the holes.

Four corpses were later found outside the toilet. The expert made assumption that the cockroaches were trying to escape after they noticed the poison gas but failed and died on the half way


Another cockroach was found hiding in our base and got killed. However, one of our men sacrificed, he was proved to have suffered from phobia of cockroaches. Poison gas was sprayed in the whole base and the toilet was sealed to prevent them from escaping.

No corpse was found afterward, the cockroach died today might be the last survivor of 28th’s issue. Men seems to be the winner of the war.


However, we don’t know when will they come back again, but even they do, I’m well prepared for that.



C’mon bitches! I ain’t scared of you!

Taman Tasik Perdana

Posted by Jz on Wednesday, April 28, 2010 | comments (1)

For some weird reasons like we’re so bored although we have shitload of assignments and tests waiting ahead, we went to Taman Tasik Perdana.


Again for some weird reasons we chose to depart at 5pm, which is the KL-massive-traffic-jam-do-not-go-out time. And when we reached there, it was almost 6pm.


The biggest bullshit was yet to come, we were not allowed to drive inside. All we can do was parked our car outside then walked 300 meters to there.


Well that didn’t kill our fun anyway. We took some random photos around! For example:




Yesh, I know I’m so cool, I’m already well informed and aware of that from the comments from Facebook. And let’s boo at the imitating fails.




Besides that, we…erm…erm… watched motorbikes passed by and got pissed.



And took some photos of my…… legs…




Or my super smexy leg hairs perhaps.




HA! So that’s all for today, thank you.




Eh what? Pictures for lake? Fucking google it you lazy asses!


What the heck you want this post is made for nothing more than showing my leg hairs. LOLOL!



Raped in class

Posted by Jz on Wednesday, April 21, 2010 | comments (2)

I have a limited budget here so buying newspaper daily seems to be unaffordable and I thought I would be disconnected from the world. Thanks to free daily newspaper in my college, I could save some bucks! No joke, reading news from websites is just suck.


Anyway, one of the news came to my attention today.


學校課室內逞兇 少年強姦女同學









(News quoted from on 21/4/10)

Translation? NO WAY! Google translate it yourself. But the summary is:

In a government high school in Rawang, a 14 years old boy raped his classmate while other students were having lunch in canteen.




I must say I’m impressed by kids nowadays.


Anyway, for the parents out there, I know there is nothing much you can do with the selling of pirated DVDs and technology stuffs like handphones, bluetooth, internet, and etc.


But at least, keep your DVDs properly, and, close the fucking door!


You know what I mean.



Posted by Jz on Tuesday, April 20, 2010 | comments (0)

Okay, I know it has been a gay long time since my last update, but this time I have prepared plenty of reasons to explain that!

  1. I have shitload of books to study.
  2. I have shitload of assignments to do.
  3. I have shitload of housework to do.
  4. I have shitload of daily stuffs to take care of.
  5. I have shitload of exercises to do.
  6. I have shitload of places to explore in KL.
  7. I have shitload of food that I want to eat in KL.
  8. I have shitload of games to play.
  9. I have shitload of songs to sing in Redbox.
  10. I need shitload of time to sleep.

24 hours is not enough!

But seriously, nothing interesting actually happened in the past few weeks, unless you want to know how many times I ‘broke sound’ in Redbox or some girl stuffs *wee woo wee woo*.


If you really want to have one, this one is not really interesting, or maybe SHOULDN’T BE interesting. This cute little thing belongs to one of my housemates.



The cheerful girl suddenly broke into tears in front of me when she was returning my money ( YES! People always owe me money! LOL!), the lovely thing passed away.


Somehow, I feel sad as well.


Rest in peace. I’ll miss you, although you tried to shit on my hand twice.

Masturbation Fails

Posted by Jz on Saturday, April 3, 2010 | comments (2)

The notice says everything.



Kindly use tissue papers next time. LOL