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A birthday party

Tuesday, March 23, 2010 , Posted by Jz at 9:32 AM

I know it’s been a gay long time, but well, life in KL is boring, ah no, I shouldn’t use the word ‘boring’. What I do here are quite enriching, I mean, compare to my old life. But the routine of my life here is dreadfully alike, keep repeating the same things everyday so I don’t really have interesting things to come out with in my blog.


Anyway, at least this isn’t applied to my life in Penang. I went back for my friends’ birthdays last week! Yesh, two of my friends were making a two-in-one birthday party and forced me to come back all the way from KL.



Yea yea I know the cakes were cheap. How I know the Secret Recipe in Pulau Tikus suddenly disappeared and the stupid rain didn’t allow me to go out and buy.


Who cares anyway, cakes were not important. Ops, I mean, they were important, but that’s not the main point. The main point was:



Yes, beers. Is a party called party without beers!? Why should I go back to Penang if there were no beers!? AHHH sorry! I came back for the birthday boy and girl!


Well, nothing interesting actually happened besides I shouted like a mad person in Red Box, drank a shit load, and almost got fetched to Ipoh by the birthday boy, again!


Anyway, I screwed others’ pictures up as usual.



And the one all my friends like the most.



I bet she was pissed off, because if I weren’t there, this could be her new display picture in her Facebook, MSN or whatever. LOL!

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