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Tutorial (?)- Getting Into A Pool

Posted by Jz on Friday, March 26, 2010 | comments (1)

If you have ever asked yourself- Are there other ways to get into a pool? Then you come to the right place.


This looks like a simple question but no one seems to know the answer. Did you get into the pool like an aunty? Slowly by using a ladder?


Or like bunch of kids jumping into a pool like they had never swum before?




Ops, that was me.


Therefore, I took some pictures days ago to show you some ways.


Well, I’m not going to crap about the ordinary and every-swimmer-is-using-that one. Like this.



With that, no one will give a damn on you. I’m here to show you how to make others look like this.




First if you did jump into a pool like the kid-style above, you can make a slight improvement. Like this.



The key is to turn yourself into a ball (?) before you drop into the water. It’s simple, but at least people around will start looking at you.


Or you can try this.



That’s cool, but seriously, it hurts a lot. The moment you hit the water, you’d be like, start hopping that you were never born before.


Or the flip-into-the-pool is okay as well.



Yes, but you have to make sure that you’re going to succeed. If not, blame no one when you get your head hit on the pool side.


Well maybe some of you find this post boring, or you hate swimming so you don’t give a damn, or even maybe some haters are going to think something like, gosh this Jack is trying to act cool again, or he thinks he is cool. I’ll entertain you anyway.


Time to show some FAIL picture.





A birthday party

Posted by Jz on Tuesday, March 23, 2010 | comments (0)

I know it’s been a gay long time, but well, life in KL is boring, ah no, I shouldn’t use the word ‘boring’. What I do here are quite enriching, I mean, compare to my old life. But the routine of my life here is dreadfully alike, keep repeating the same things everyday so I don’t really have interesting things to come out with in my blog.


Anyway, at least this isn’t applied to my life in Penang. I went back for my friends’ birthdays last week! Yesh, two of my friends were making a two-in-one birthday party and forced me to come back all the way from KL.



Yea yea I know the cakes were cheap. How I know the Secret Recipe in Pulau Tikus suddenly disappeared and the stupid rain didn’t allow me to go out and buy.


Who cares anyway, cakes were not important. Ops, I mean, they were important, but that’s not the main point. The main point was:



Yes, beers. Is a party called party without beers!? Why should I go back to Penang if there were no beers!? AHHH sorry! I came back for the birthday boy and girl!


Well, nothing interesting actually happened besides I shouted like a mad person in Red Box, drank a shit load, and almost got fetched to Ipoh by the birthday boy, again!


Anyway, I screwed others’ pictures up as usual.



And the one all my friends like the most.



I bet she was pissed off, because if I weren’t there, this could be her new display picture in her Facebook, MSN or whatever. LOL!

Kids nowadays

Posted by Jz on Wednesday, March 10, 2010 | comments (0)

Please forgive me, my life is pretty busy lately (excuse 1, he still goes online often, proven via his Facebook).


Unlike the old time, subjects I’m taking now are pretty hard, I have to spare my time out to make some studies (excuse 2, yes his online to study ratio has improved, from 1:0 to 20:1).


And yet, living alone is not easy, I have to worry of foods and do laundry (excuse 3, he buys his meals and orders his friend to do laundry).


Finally, I’m practicing a healthy lifestyle now, I do exercises daily (excuse 4, he swims daily just because he expects to see some bikini girls over there).


So that’s why you see, I couldn’t blog as much as I was now (there, the main point of his excuse 1,2,3, and 4).


Sorry xD


Anyway, recently found out why the world we’re living in is chaotic, and getting more chaotic.


Because kids nowadays are simply destructive.



A picture of a kindergarten.


I thought the Chinese people say: 人之初 性本善?

So I heard you cannot find a girlfriend?

Posted by Jz on Friday, March 5, 2010 | comments (7)

A lot of guys are depressed for not having a girlfriend.


Yes, I do agree that sometimes, having no girlfriend does really suck, especially when you see others’ *holy cow* girlfriend, ok I mean, loving couples. (Although having a girlfriend is not always a bless anyway. LOL)


Well guys, here is the motivation picture of the day.



My Godness, this is killing me more than Rawang Boy (click click).


Don’t stop me, I’m going to hit my head on the wall, like, now.

Loreal Paris’s new model

Posted by Jz on Tuesday, March 2, 2010 | comments (0)

Loreal Paris had an event in my college this afternoon, which allowed students, lecturers and even janitors to play games and win their products.


What should I say? Loreal Paris has started to change their style of promotion?