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From A cup to C cup in 3 months

Thursday, February 25, 2010 , Posted by Jz at 9:18 PM

Recently I found a video from Facebook, about a girl who claims that she had increased his boobies size from A cup to C cup in 3 months.



To make the long story short, the girl in the video is not happy for being dumped by her boyfriend because of her small boobies 3 months ago. So after she successfully ‘level up’ from A to C, she made this video to boyfriend as a revenge.


So here comes the question of the day:

What did you actually see from the video above?


For girls, most of them will come out with something like this:

  • That guy is an asshole!
  • That guy deserves it!
  • This girl is cool!
  • I like this girl!
  • Wow! A to C? How?
  • What is that pill? I want!
  • 3 months? Wow!
  • Etc.


For guys, the answer is even more simple. Tadaa~flash~



But, for not guy not girl clever person like, *cough*, me, I see this,



In the video she raises the pill twice, for about 10 seconds. The biggest question mark is, why did she need to show the pill in the video? Showing her boobies is more than enough I reckon?


And why did she need to remind her ex-boyfriend how long they’ve broken up?


When questions like these come into your head, you can easily make a conclusion:

This is just an advertisement, or rather scam, to show that that pill is capable of increasing boobies from A to C in 3 months.


Please lah, if that pill actually works, it’d be the best selling medicine in the world and the inventor shall be rewarded a Nobel prize for saving women in the whole world wide already lah.

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  1. Dylan Phuah says:

    haha! if it was an advertisement, its a great one!

    nice rack. LOL

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