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2010 Wish List

Tuesday, February 9, 2010 , Posted by Jz at 1:42 AM

Short talk:123

I need more dates before going back to KL =[





It’s not that I didn’t want to blog, I have actually done nothing after coming back from KL besides helping dad on some of his works and drinking for 4 times a week, and I reckon that I have already had too much of alcoholic drinks related posts in my blog.


So that’s why I decide to do something not so creative – post a Wish List like everyone else.


1. I wish to have my English improved.


Yes, my English is still suck. After going through all the things in 2009, I have finally fixed my holy crap grammar. But still, my vocabulary and spelling are still in standard 2.


2. I wish to have my CGPA increased.


Or maybe, maintained. I have finally put one of my legs into Degree that my parents have been talking since I was in kindergarten, and I heard that Foundation is nothing compare to it. But still, I wish to get a better result.


3. I wish to save more money.


Yes, money is omnipotent, click here. Why I want to save more money instead of getting more money? You see, I don’t buy lotteries, so I don’t make any unrealistic wish like hit the jackpot or pick up a million dollar on the floor. And you might ask what I save those money for, I don’t know, I think it’s always wise to have many digits in your bank account, or, maybe, save to buy a Vietnam wife in the future.


4. I wish to have great friends in KL.


I have been living for 18 years in Penang, all my best friends are here! But I’d be studying in KL, where I don’t know anyone there. (Okay, maybe there are some.) So I do really hope that I could have great friends there.


5. I wish to have parties with old friends every time I come back to Penang.


Ah crap, I don’t want say this, it makes me look like a sissy, but you guys (and girls xD) are really awesome, I’d definitely miss you all in KL and call you all to party whenever I come back to Penang. And guess what, I don’t care why the fark you can’t make it, you just have to come!


6. I wish to be healthy.


This is a simple yet important wish, my parents are not going to take care of me anymore since I’m going to live alone in KL. And I’m not greedy, am I? I ain’t asking for six packs! (Of course, if possible. lmao.)


7. I wish to have a better temper.


Some of my friends might know, I have a really bad temper. In 2009, I found an effective way to overcome it, by keeping in mind that “I don’t care”, “not my business”, “who cares”, and “whatever lah”. But still, I’m ignoring them instead of get rid of my bad temper, so I hope that I can actually find a way to overcome it.


8. I wish to speak lesser bad words.


I speak a lot of them, especially in front of, ahem, some particular friends. So, I’ll try my best to be not-so-rude. Anyway, I emphasize on LESSER, which actually means LESS THAN BEFORE, so don’t bombard me if I speak any in front of you.


9. I wish to look not so lanc.


Seriously, everyone tells me that the first impression I give to the him or her is lanc. Forgive me, I don’t know how to explain lanc in English. Oh come on, which part of mine makes me look lanc? I refuse to admit that I’m lanc! Yes, I might not be that friendly to all the people, but I’m certainly not lanc! All my friends know I’m not lanc, I’m just, erm, kamlan, which leads to the next wish.


10. I wish to be not so kamlan.


For those who don’t know, kamlan means asshole. Okay, I do admit this one. I’m a bit kamlan sometimes. But I’m a good person okay? I’ll tryyy to control myself from being this kamlan this year.


Wew, I know it’s a long list.


But hey! At least I didn’t put something unrealistic, like

I wish to hit the jackpot, or

I wish to have more mistresses than Tiger and Terry. (I WANT I WANT)


and something that I consider craps, like

I wish to have a boyfriend/girlfriend, or

I wish to stay single for 2010. (And end up having dubious relationships with several persons.)


and something that obviously imply to their lover(s)/parents/whoever what they want in their birthday/valentines day/ anniversary/ etc, like

I wish to have a LV bag, or

I wish to have a new Prada wallet, or

I wish to have a Guess watch, or

I wish to have a whatever phone or camera.



Currently have 5 comments:

  1. chris_lim says:

    Huh i didnt know kamlan is asshole. I always thought its suck c**k.

  1. sab says:


    wishes no.5 i try to make it okay!=)

  1. Jz says:

    Yea, the direct meaning of it is that. But when people said "you're kamlan" it actually means you're asshole.

    We have same holiday, when I go back Penang you sure fly to kedah d -_-

  1. PurPle says:

    tsk tsk tsk..
    lanc n kamlan...XDD

  1. Jz says:

    You? =DD