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What’d make you answer ‘my mother’?

Thursday, January 28, 2010 , Posted by Jz at 1:38 AM

Short talk:123

So I’ll probably go back on this Friday. Why? Because I’m broke.




Facebook, a place where people, or maybe strangers, interact among each other. Well, for some people it is, but not for assholes. Like me.




Anonymous: There must be someone really who’s really special living in everyone’s heart. That feeling isn’t love, but somehow, you do care of her. When she isn’t happy, you will be unhappy as well. When she is aggrieved, you will be upset. I have one in my heart, how about you? When you read this, who comes into your heart?

Asshole Jack: My mother.


What? I do really mean it okay? LOL!

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