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Teacher is the best job ever

Friday, January 15, 2010 , Posted by Jz at 9:27 PM

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Just read a post from Chris, about how good being a teacher is. Well, yes, I must agree that being a teacher WASN’T really a wise career to choose back to the time, but it doesn’t mean that the same label can be applied to this career NOW.


Although typical teachers do not have high social status, teachers nowadays enjoy a lot of benefits. Especially, when you’re working with government.


First, job guaranteed.


It’s not like you can be fired anytime if you’re working with government. It doesn’t matter if you’re a good teacher or a bad teacher, or if you give a damn on the students or not. As long as you finish the syllabus, you have done your job. Let’s say you’re a suck teacher, suck until like OMFG I DUN CARE BOUT U KIDS, the worst thing could happen on you is being transferred and that’s it.


Second, pay rise guaranteed.


Although starting salary isn’t very high, government employees enjoy above average pay rise every year. And among all of them, teacher enjoy the best pay rise. My secondary school English teacher has a salary of RM7,000/month, yes, he is near to the age of retirement now, but he started working in the teacher-sucks era. If you start working as a teacher now, imagine, how much is your salary after 30 years.


Third, less stressful.


As in you don’t give stress to yourself lah. You see, every teacher is given a well prepared syllabus, all they need to do is just teach, explain, and help the students to understand them. They don’t need to come up with marketing strategic, receive emergency calls during nights, or entertain customers. It’s not like they will be called to come up with their own syllabus, even knowing that you won’t be fired reduces your stress already lah.


Fourth, holidayss.


I’m not saying that teachers have a lot of holidays, but definitely, above average. Of course they have to attend some meetings and mark exam papers as well lah.


Fifth, it’s a meaningful job.


One teacher might deal with thousands of students in his life. They’re influencing the future of every one of the students directly, and the future of the country and the world indirectly! So who the heck says that being a teacher sucks? Can you make such a significant thing?


Sixth, there’re more female teachers than male’s.


So that means as a male teacher has more options than other guys! What!? This is the biggest benefit!

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