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Movie: Avatar

Monday, January 4, 2010 , Posted by Jz at 11:17 PM

Short talk:123

Rounded and rounded and rounded in IICP, that’d be the last time perhaps.




People kept telling me that Avatar is nice, Avatar is awesome, Avatar is holy cow. So I gave a shot on this movie which its poster doesn’t really attract me as I don’t really like science fiction type of movies.



In this movie, you can see the machines fighting with the monsters animals in an unknown planet.



And the aliens orang asli’s of the planet ridding on so-called birds fighting with humans’ air units.


Avatar International

Yet, the protagonist can somehow turn into the alien and eventually decides to betray humanity fight for justice and turn his spear towards humans.



However, for some reasons I feel that protagonist’s betrayal justice has something to do with the alien woman he fells in love with.



So now you can even watch alien’s love story in this movie. LOL!


Full of suspenses right? This is not a spoiler so kindly watch the movie yourself, the movie has a really awesome storyline which makes it worth watching.


Oh ya, for chikopeks information, the alien women don’t wear much cloths. WOOO~!

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  1. Boon says:

    Avatar's graphic is stunning.

    Best movie I've even seen. =)