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Love & blogging

Monday, January 18, 2010 , Posted by Jz at 9:59 PM

Short talk:123

8 in 1 DVDs x2, I’m so going to get arrested under the new law. LOL





People always want to know that if their lover is suitable for them or not. Dang those idiotic psychology test, horoscope or whatever, none of them are real.




Well, there is one way. The solution is pretty simple, but however, painful – do nothing for one year or more. According to a research, one year is the average time for the passion of the love to disappear.



Or let me put it this way, after one year of being together, both of you have already known each other well. By that time, both guys and girls have nothing to hide from each other anymore. Guys don’t have to act gentle and romantic, while girls don’t have to act cute and make up purposely for their boyfriend.


Besides, it’s passion that blind you from the bad things of his or hers, it filters them out, and then leaves only the good things in your eyes. So only after the passion is gone, you will only be able to see, to know, or to think rationally about the bad sides of him or her.




And that is when, you realise that if he or she is the one for you or not, if you can stay with a person like that for your whole life or not. Of course lah, by that time both of you wouldn’t be hesitate to fart in front of each other already.


In conclusion, don’t get married too fast. =P




Well, the thing I didn’t know that is the same theory is applied to blogging. After this month, I’m officially blogging for one year already. It’s sad to say this but, be frank, I have already lost my passion for blogging already.


I used to blog daily, but now, I skip blogging more and more, my entries are getting shorter and shorter, and boring stuffs in my blog are getting more and more.


I thought that it’s because I’m busy these days. Then I think about it again, yes, I’m really busy these days. I have done a lot of things, moved to a new place, and a lot of things are still coming for me. But wait, do I really busy until I can’t spare a little time out for blogging?


I blogged, even when I had to sit for my final tomorrow; I blogged, even when I had shit loads of assignments waiting for me; I blogged, even when I hadn’t prepared for my presentation tomorrow. So why the fark I couldn’t do it now?


Because I have lost my passion.


I used to think: What should I blog today? What can I do with this picture? How can I improve my blog? These questions are out of my mind lately, and I don’t even visit my own blog and checked on other blogs daily, but I can go to Facebook like 138,098 times a day. Zz.


But still, I love blogging. Just like you found that you still love your girlfriend or boyfriend after one year although all the passion has gone and he or she always farts in front of you. However you don’t expect me to blog daily like I used to lah, just like you don’t like to hang out everyday with your girlfriend or boyfriend like you used to be anymore mah~


Anyway, the number of my posts may change; the length of my post may change, but one thing won’t change for sure,


 I was/ am / will still be an asshole in blogosphere.

(ya lah ya lah, I know some of you will say that I’m also an asshole in real life lah.)

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  1. cr3ap says:

    The passion to blog huh. It's never too busy to blog actually. Well blogging just might takes you less than an hour. It could only be less than 10 minutes or so if pictures are not included. But in reality now, most people are using twitter which is more popular just to update what you are doing now. So slowly blogging world getting lesser and lesser people.

    Regards from cr3ap

  1. chris_lim says:

    Its ok not to blog as often. Juz blog whenever u feel like blogging. Then u wont feel the pressure and the quality of the post will b better. You'll still hv loyal readers at the end of the day.

  1. Ninja Coffee says:

    Ever consider copy & paste other ppl's post?
    Since you are already an ahole, might as well expand on that reputation and make it big, yes?

  1. Jz says:

    yea, sometimes i'm just lazy to think what to blog abou =[

    I know, it's like, when you lost your passion, you won't feel like blogging always LUL

    LOLOOOLOOLLOOLLL! I'm another kind of asshole xDDDDDD