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A healthier lifestyle

Thursday, January 14, 2010 , Posted by Jz at 9:35 PM

Short talk:123

Life is good when you have money, and my life isn’t very good now. LOL




This post is dedicated to my roommate, to thank him for improving my lifestyle. Why? Here are the comparisons  between my life before and after going to KL.


Before: I woke up at 12 if there’s no class.

Now: I wake up at 8-9 every morning.


Before: I ate whatever I want, and I enjoy fast foods.

Now: My foods are now 3000% healthier than before.


Before: The earliest time for sleeping was 2am.

Now: I slept at 10pm these days.


Before: I online whenever I’m free.

Now: I do exercises constantly.


Before: I played games.

Now: I read books.


Before: I enjoy love-action-movies.

Now: I can’t watch with his existence.


Ops sorry, the last one is a joke. Don’t ask me if you don’t understand what’s love-action-movies anyway. LOL

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