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Finally I’m able to online!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010 , Posted by Jz at 10:58 PM

Short talk:123

I was so busy, and now I’m so free.





Yesh~ You’re not mistaken. I’m back after abandoning my blog for days. Again, it’s not what I wanted or did it purposely. One of the first few things I did after reaching KL was looking for a new internet service provider, and yes, I had enough of Streamyx.


The first one was P1Wimax.




I was told that it’s faster, cheaper, and easiest (I share internet with my roommate as well, so with P1’s wireless modem I don’t have to buy a router).


But crap, it didn’t work as what the promoter told me. The red light kept blinking, even after I woke up in the next morning. So I called the promoter, he asked me to call their HQ after calling me to move the modem here and there and turn the modem to face here and there.


Their HQ was even more better, called me to move the modem for another time, and then said he couldn’t help me besides asking me to wait for their technician for 3 days. So I *censored* them, and they sent me their technician on that day.


‘Sorry, although your area is in high speed area, but all the buildings around here have blocked your signal. The only way is to terminate your account.’


That’s what I got, and an road idiot who is new to KL  like me was even asked to find their HQ myself to get my refund. Yet, they paid me in cheque which required me to bank in myself and wait for 3 days for the transaction.


After that, I tried DiGi Broadband. Since it will be definitely cheaper than other broadband.




‘P1 is not using satellite, that’s why their signal can be blocked. But we’re! So the buildings do not matter. You’re in high speed area, we guarantee your speed will be 700kbps – 3.2mbps. But you have to buy the RM170 router for wireless lah of course.’


That’s what I was told by the promoter. Well, true, DiGi was fast, I got a 1.2mbps, in the kitchen. And get a 0kbps in my room. Wadafak? So that promoter came to my place and checked for me.


‘I don’t know, but there must be something wrong with this building, should be signal disturbance or something around this place. Only way is to terminate your account.’


I was seriously pissed. For another time, I had to find the DiGi centre, and wait 1-3 months for the cheque! My god, 200 bucks hanging on the sky.


With no better choice, I tried on Maxis Broadband.




Whodafark told me that my room got the so-called ‘signal disturbance’! Maxis works just fine! With 1mbps! See, I’m now blogging with it!


Just that it’s 40% more expensive and with limited quota.. zzz…

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  1. Anonymous says:

    usually ppl will complain abt maxis broadband.. you are the first one i encounter that say Maxis is good ;-)
    anyway, happy surfing

  1. Anonymous says:

    hey zp, i was frustrated on discovering which 1 is better for broadband. thanks to u i got better idea on choosing the product XD