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Movie: The Storm Warriors II

Monday, December 21, 2009 , Posted by Jz at 12:22 AM

Short talk:123

Finally managed to make my L4D2 works, killed zombies for the whole day LUL.


Watching this movie in Sunway Pyramid was one of the activity of my last visit to KL.




Before watching this movie, I guess you all have already expected the exaggerated powers and skills of characters inside.




This movie features quite a number of big names inside, which probably make this movie worth watching for some people.



I was wondering that why does the biggest antagonist die so early, while one of the protagonists seems to be more-antagonist.



Anyway, what seriously made me laugh were the names of the characters inside. Put aside Cloud and Wind as the protagonists, we have:

  • Lord Godless, who actually comes from Japan but able to speak fluency Cantonese.
  • Lord Piggy, an unknown joker.
  • Lord Wicked, Lord Piggy’s brother.
  • Nameless, the best in Mou Lam, that’s why the antagonist has to come from Japan LOL!
  • Heart, Lord Godless’ son.
  • Earth and Sky, two lieutenants of Lord Godless.
  • Second Dream, Wind’s lover, or whatever.


Seriously, find a better translator.



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  1. HaoYi says:

    I watched this movie dy! Not bad la =/