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Movie: Saw VI

Thursday, December 17, 2009 , Posted by Jz at 11:29 PM

Short talk:123

Holiday until March? You kill me better.




Saw, another must-watch movie for me. I have addicted to Saw series since Saw II, they’re like the best movies for me. Serious.



As usual, the movie is full of bloody and brutal games designed by Jigsaw. Trust me, you could hardly find other movies which their bloodiness can be compared to Saw series.



I have to make things clear that I’m not a freak or psycho who enjoys watching people chop their own legs off, I’m attracted by the exciting storyline with full of suspenses.



And I must say a ‘wow’ for the intelligent of Jigsaw, who designs all the games and always controls the situations as he understands humanity so much, even after he dies in Saw III.




For Saw VI, the most ‘interesting’ part should be the beginning of the movie, which a woman is forced to cut off her own hand in order to survive. (again, I’m not a freak.)



If you want to try this movie out, here are my suggestions:

  • If you’re scared of horror movies, seriously, don’t watch this.
  • Start watching from Saw I, or else you wouldn’t understand anything but end up thinking that this movie sucks.



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  1. Sabrina Ooi says:

    so disgusting!!!
    NO WAY!
    My dad will scold me everytime when i scream.TT