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Movie: Ninja Assassin

Saturday, December 5, 2009 , Posted by Jz at 11:59 PM

Short talk:123

I wonder why I don’t feel like having exam in next week.




Ninja Assassin, a movie of our bother Rain.



What should I say, the power of assassins in this movie is over exaggerated?


In the movie, brother Rain is an assassin trained in a hidden assassin school, which guarantees nothing but the graduates to be able to defeat 21,893 guns-armed people without a single bullet.



Then our brother Rain, is the best among the assassins, who is capable of fighting 981,237,913 ninjas from the same school alone.



And no matter how is he chopped by others, he must be able to stand up and fight again.


Ninja Assassin movie image Rain (1).jpg 

In the last fight, when our brother Rain is being beaten so hard by his super high level master who is able to do cloaking. He finally regains enough of Mana Point, and use his Ulti – Omnislash (click here), and won the battle.



Yet I still haven’t talked about the super ketchup bloods that spread all along the movie yet.


Well, they do have some really cool actions in the movie which make it worth watching, and most importantly, our brother Rain is half naked in most of the scenes.




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  1. kenwooi says:

    looks cool.. but i wont watch it.. =P

  1. SJ says:'ve had too much exam you've got no feeling now. same here.

    A smile from SJ =)