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In 2009

Thursday, December 31, 2009 , Posted by Jz at 7:05 PM

Short talk:123

I know I look fierce, but I’m friendly. LOL!




Sorry for didn’t update, again, yesterday. Told you all I’m kinda busy in this holiday, well, it’s not like there are people waiting to read anyway.


2009, it’s the biggest turning point in my life I’d say. Many things of mine have changed within this year, and most of them are really out of my expected. Maybe I should just list down 6 of the most significant ones.



1. Getting into an Ang Moh college.




I had been being educated in Chinese school since kindergarten until secondary school and all of my family members speak Mandarin or Hokkien, so as my friends, that made me a 100% mango (yellow outside, yellow inside).

Somehow, I still got into INTI College, which English is their based communication language. So now, I’m a mixed species of banana and mango, of course lah, am still more near to mango.



2. Getting out from a relationship.





I still remember it happened one week right before valentine day, sarcastic huh? Why do I list it as one of the significant changes in 2009? I don’t know, maybe because I was too naive to believe that it would be the last relationship I have?

After breaking up with her, following the time, second by second, day by day, everything changed as what I have expected. Sincerely, it’s glad to see that she has already moved on, and I hope that I could as well, in 2010.

Still, she is the one who gives the biggest impact on my life. I mean, the positive one. Thank you, for another time.



3. Improving in English.



Yaya I know I know stop bombarding me first, I know my English is still suck. But believe me, if you know how suck I was, you will definitely be surprised by the gap of my improvement.

2 years ago, not to say an essay, I could hardly come out with a sentence made up by 10 words without making any mistake. The only word I was confidence to say was the international-widely-used fuck.

Ah wait, I didn’t even say fuck in English, I used to say it in hokkien, Kxxxx Kxx.



4. Getting goals for life.



When I was small, I had a dream. I wanted to be a doctor. The reason was simple, my parents were like every other child’s, who used to tell me: Study hard, and become a doctor in the future. Well, I found it is not realistic right after entering secondary school as I was kinda fucked by Biology and Chemistry.

I didn’t know what am I going to be, or in the other words: I didn’t know what should I study for, I didn’t have a goal.

I entered the kindergarten and primary school my parents registered for me, I made myself into the secondary school my parents wanted me to be, but I didn’t know where am I suppose to go next.

And in 2009, finally I found myself a goal, a holy fucked huge goal that worth me fighting for: I want to be a Prime Minister!

My god, I’m so going to be your Prime Minister ya know? LOL!



5. Turning into an alcoholic.



I guess this one needs no explanations. In this year, beers have became one of the things that cheered me up the most. I enjoyed drinking beers with whole bunch of friends, talking and talking until late night.

If you have been following my blog for a while, you should have seen a lot of beers and beers and beers. To make thing clear, it’s not that I don’t drink liquors. I enjoy drinking Martell, I enjoy drinking Chivas, it’s just that if I drink them at the rate of myself drinking beers, I’ll be broke, as I could hardly afford even beers. (because of the volume of my stomach LOL)


6. Not longer an asshole



For the old friends who didn’t meet me for while, yes, I know I was an asshole, and was asshole enough. But time flies and people change, and now, I officially declare that I’m no longer an asshole.


Instead, a bigger asshole.



2010 would be another turning point of my life I’d say, as I’m leaving Penang Island to Kuala Lumpur for my education. I just simply hope that it’d be as wonderful as 2009, ah no, be even better than 2009.


Good bye 2009, and welcome, 2010.



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  1. kenwooi says:

    eh.. inti ang moh college meh??
    i think got more chinese lor.. haha..
    anyway, happy new year 2010! =)

  1. Jz says:

    as in people there communicate through English xD