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I’m back!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009 , Posted by Jz at 11:01 PM

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Anyplace, anytime, as long as I’m bored, I can sleep.




I’m back! Haven’t been online for a while, but it was not my fault! My internet fucked up for a week, which made me felt like dying and disconnected from the world. Yes, you can call me an internet addicted kid, who cares, although I prefer a modern person, LOL.


Why my internet fucked up? I think my reason is reasonable enough, I was moving to another address and TM took like week to process my line transferring request.


Crap, life without internet was miserable enough, yet it became even more pathetic when I had to move almost all the furniture and the odds and sods. For the first time in my life, I became a lorry kia.



It was not as happy as what I thought, especially when I had to move the 8129378937 kg refrigerator and cabinets up and down from the lorry.


Besides, all the family members became CCTV technicians as well, we removed all the CCTVs and installed them in the new address all by ourselves.



Seemed easy, but not when you’re looking all the wirings and have to remember all the colours of the wires.



Anyway, the more things I moved and the more hard it was, I feel more happy and lucky. But it’s neither because that I’m going to have a new house nor feeling being a part of the family.


It’s simply because that I won’t be in Penang to suffer these again at the moment they move back to the renovated house. LOL!

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