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Full of crabs

Saturday, December 19, 2009 , Posted by Jz at 12:12 AM

Short talk:123

WTH! Able to play L4D2 without any lag, but Star Wars Unleashed cannot.




Finished ton of stuffs earlier than expected, and I’m hella boring these 2 days, and it’s going to continue for another 2. If there was anything that cheered me up, then that must be what my dad brought home in Thursday night.



Yes crabs. Guess how long it took to finish them? 2 days. Er no, I should say, in 2 meals. And it made me feel like a crap already, I mean, crab.


You might be thinking what this post for, well, it’s just a post to show you that I had so many crabs to eat, to make you drool and crave for it. What? Choi arh? LOL!



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