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Red Box: Fish’s Birthday

Monday, November 16, 2009 , Posted by Jz at 11:32 PM

Short talk:123

Warau why all people complained about my hair!




After 9,128,377 years, finally I stepped into Redbox again. This is the second hardest place you could find me after woman toilet because I sing like a *tut*.


Well, things always change whenever someone else pays for the bill. Our Fish Hang invited us to there for his birthday, of course, the bill on him.



I wonder how many times I broke sound that day, even after I lowered the pitch. Who cares, everyone went crazy and muh muh muh mah + po po po po poker face like an idiot.


As usual, birthday boy from our class is always hang fok fai lok~



And of course, when people pay for the bill, my face is not thick enough for not bringing present.



Anyway, with my weight, I’m pretty sure that I’m capable of lifting a 60 kg birthday boy up.



But I seriously doubt that if the 60kg birthday boy is capable of doing the same thing on me.



That’s why I cheated. LOL



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  1. Sabrina Ooi says:

    mum mum mum mum !! lol..
    my face turned red that time.