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Pulau Jerejak: Wall Climbing

Thursday, November 12, 2009 , Posted by Jz at 10:31 PM

Short talk:123

I’d pay RM4 for a car wash next time zz.




After the archery, we proceeded to the funniest part, Wall Climbing.



I mean, not-so-vertical wall climbing.



Our mission were easy sounded easy. We just needed to wear a superman underwear,



and then climb up and touch the top part.




Of course, the thing wasn’t really easy as what that stupid guide told us. Many people fell down with a *seriously-ouch* face that day.



Anyway, same as the archery, many funny scenes were captured while people were climbing.



Including our beloved Mr Teo.


4 5 7 6


And I wonder why, the funniest person is always the same one.


12 3


Someone tells me what was that emotion about.



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