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Pulau Jerejak: Flying Fox

Sunday, November 15, 2009 , Posted by Jz at 8:25 PM

Short talk: 123

When my dad said ‘wake up at 9 tomorrow for dimsum’, he actually meant ‘lets have a brunch tomorrow around 12’. LOL



So finally, this is the last post for Pulau Jerejak, sorry if I have bored you with them for this whole week.


I guess the Flying Fox was the most exciting activity that day. As usual, what we needed to do was easy as well, first of all we needed to walk over a suspension bridge.



Then over the other side, we were required to wear the superman underwears again with the cheap sohai helmet.



Then the people there hanged us up on the rope, and we just flied over like the Tarzan.



Of course, for another time, many emotions were captured by camera. For example some of us looked pretty enjoying,



one of us was kinda sexy,



another one will definitely look like Tarzan if he only wore underwear that time,


and the one who looked like crying for mama.



Among all of the photos taken, the best photo must be this.



Our beloved Mr Teo! Taken by me. xD


Anyway, for those who want to try this Flying Fox out, remember not to get overexcited.







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