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Movie: Raging Phoenix

Monday, November 23, 2009 , Posted by Jz at 10:10 PM

Short talk:123

Please lah, reading ‘how to success’ is not going to make you a successful person.




Well, there are only 2 things I should say about this Thailand action movie.




First, although horror movies like Phobia 2 from Thailand do not work on me anymore, their action movies are still awesome, this Raging Phoenix is the best example.


Their ways of fighting are still impressive,




and their actions are not the types that you could find in Jackie Chan’s movies.




But of course, you cannot compare it to the legendary Ong Bak right? This is a girl after all.



Secondly, now only I know that Thais are all supermen, or superwomen. Because no matter how hard you punch on their faces, they will still stand up, stare at you, and say:




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  1. Parneet says:

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