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Movie: Phobia 2

Wednesday, November 18, 2009 , Posted by Jz at 8:57 PM

Short talk:123 b

Warau 2012 was full on every time, that’s why lah, we need PPS.




What should I say about this film? People say it’s the most famous horror movie from Thailand, and yes, I’m a horror movies freak, but seriously, movies with few parts of different stories are certainly not my type.


Just simply because due to the length of each story, the stories will usually be too simple, not creative, or sometimes, illogical. Some more Phobia 2 has 5 different stories in a single movie.



And I’m here to declare that, I was right. Allow me to explain 1 by 1, you will understand if you have watched it.


Story one:


I don’t get why one of the monk inside has superpower. Yes, the ghost throws stones at the idiot, but why does he grow into a tree a?


Story two:


So the ah pek possesses his body, sounds logical for a horror movie, but since when ghost possesses other bodies that way arh?


Story three:


Now I know the zombie disease from Zombie Land comes from Thailand. The brain-controlling virus from Resident Evil can still be considered as logical, but since when drugs can turn people into zombies?


Story four:


Everything is logical until this woman finds her son dies. How her son gets into there at the first point?


Story five:


This story is funny, but pretty lame I must say.


Although for most of the time the movie isn’t scary at all, there are some scenes that I found kinda awesome, for example the *ew ew* part LOL


Thailand has potential to try making movie like Saw already xD



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  1. Joyce C. says:

    The only Thai horror movie I liked (or actually finished) was Shutter.

    I dunno, they tend to have sudden weird scenes that ruin the moment. Like the type where you know that those long red fingernails belong to a cross dresser sort of weird.

  1. kenwooi says:

    lol i duno what to say..
    i wont wont these kind of shows.. =P

  1. Jz says:

    c0co: Thanks xD

    Joyce: I missed that one I guess, Thai's horror movies are getting non-scarier and non-scarier =[

    Holy! Try Saw xD