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Gifts from Thailand

Monday, November 30, 2009 , Posted by Jz at 9:20 PM

Short talk:123

1/3 of foods I ate today are snacks.




The rest of my family went for a 2 days trip to Thailand last Friday. Well, am not really interested in the trip, but I do care of what they brought back for me.


You don’t expect luxuries from Thailand right? Unless you want those imitated ones. Of course, a trans maid neither.


They got me snackssss,



which are 1/3 left and the main reason of my stomach-ache right now. Trust me, they might be unhealthy, but once you try it, you couldn’t stop eating.


Secondly, they got me an ordinary t-shirt.



I’m even patriotic enough to have one with ‘Malaysia’ or ‘Penang’, Thailand some more.


Thirdly, a pair of pants.



Fourthly, a hat with my name on it.



My head is too big for it anyway.


Lastly, the most speechless one, a pair of slippers.



My mum knew my 3rd pair of slippers is fucked on Thursday, but she didn’t know I bought the 4th pair on Friday (previous post) as she was in Thailand, so she bought me the 5th pair.


With these, I guessed I’m well equipped for a trip to Hawaii already. LOL



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  1. Sabrina Ooi says:

    boh buy for me!!!! lol..
    bikini !!!=p