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Discoveries of condomss

Saturday, November 28, 2009 , Posted by Jz at 10:45 PM

Short talk:123

Snacks snacks snacks and snacks from Thailand!




Lets make it a story mode. It happened on the same day of our last presentation (previous post). Due to the boringness while waiting for my turn, I went to spot check a bag of one of my friends, and I discovered something.



What the heck, he is the model student in the class! Why this thing appeared in his bag!? Then I knew something wrong, so I went and checked another guy.




Again! What the heck was happening!? Suspicion called me to check on girls’ too, and the result was same as what I expected.


one girl,




two girls,




and the 3rd girl was caught on the spot.



After the investigation, I finally found out what actually happened: there is a spokesperson of Durex in our class.



*the story is not real, that condom’s just a sample xD



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