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Refined Scum

Thursday, October 22, 2009 , Posted by Jz at 8:51 PM

Short talk:123

I love accounting so much, but I hate doing accounts LOL





After having a row with someone today, he spilled out something to describe me before he left: 斯文败类 or in direct translation, a refined scum.




The words are normally used to describe people who look gentle outside but in fact,  they’re assholes.


Well, he called me that because I used some bad words in the row. What’s the big deal? Like he, or his father didn’t ever say any in his life? I doubt.


Anyway, I have seriously nothing to deny if someone calls me a scum or asshole as I have already been being one for like 18 years.




But seriously,for my grandma sakes, tell me since when/at where/which part of mine looks gentle?


When I was drinking?




Or when I was eating?



Or when I was taking photo with girl?




Or when I was taking photo with my pants on my hands?




Or when I just walked out to street like that without wearing it?




Come on, damn it, just tell me I look gentle already.



Currently have 6 comments:

  1. kenwooi says:

    haha.. funny pics..
    chill la.. =)

  1. Kennee says:

    OMG... so gentle la.... XD
    Btw, nuffed ya... ^^

  1. Jz says:

    Thanks xD

    My god I'm gentle thanks xD

  1. chris_lim says:

    Proud to be a scum :)

  1. Jz says:

    Yea LOL

    okay wert -_-