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Random in Borders

Monday, October 5, 2009 , Posted by Jz at 9:28 PM

Short talk:123

I can’t believe that I just spent my whole day watching Desperate Housewives LOL.




Being a good kid who stays at home for a whole day is definitely not my type. However, my wallet doesn’t really allow me to go out, it had been being squeezed for the past few weeks.


Well, I still have to blog although nothing special actually happened on me. So I just random some pictures that I captured in Borders months ago.




This is the so-called financial statements for Malaysia. My god, I didn’t know the book is that thick, and the price would definitely burn a super large hole on everyone’s pocket. Many citizens love Malaysia, but I guess patriotism doesn’t help when it comes to this.




Borders is even kind enough to prepare some entertainments to entertain the kids while their parents are reading. So there you go.




Gosh, I just love being lame…



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  1. dSaint says:

    yeah man.. pretty lame.