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A pro car parker

Tuesday, October 13, 2009 , Posted by Jz at 8:43 PM

Short talk:123

I just got owned by my statistic lecturer, who called me draw a ‘stem and leaf’ table for 100 students’ marks.




Sorry for didn’t update my blog for past 3 days. Normally even when I have nothing to blog I would still share some craps, but I couldn’t. I was sick.


Fever+cough+flu+vomit. I was forced to sleep on bed for more than 36 hours in 2 days; I couldn’t do anything although there were shit loads of assignments waiting for me; I couldn’t eat anything or else I would vomit them out.


Well, there were good news too. Firstly it wasn’t H1N1. Secondly, I become more fit thin.


Back to the title, since there are more and more students+cars in INTI College Penang, they built us a super primitive car park underground which is still not enough.



A good college gives birth to good students; and a super primitive car park with insufficient parking lots gives birth to seriously pro car parkers. Like this.



It was so close.




He or she must be having eyes of Terminators.



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    Yea lol, btw msn me when you're online