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Government overspent 3.6 billions

Tuesday, October 20, 2009 , Posted by Jz at 7:25 PM

Short talk:123

Another test postponed, great, there will be 2 tests and 2 assignments due on the same day tomorrow.




If you have already read this article(Chinese), you would understand what I’m going to say now. Make the long story short,


  • They bought 6 Pole Platforms with RM30,510 each when the market price is RM990.
  • They spent RM480 to buy Thumbdrives when the market price is actually RM90.
  • They spent RM37,450 to buy 89 trees in Kelantan which actually cost RM5,885.
  • They bought 300 cabinets which actually cost RM1,500 each with RM13,500 each.
  • They bought torches which actually cost RM35 each with RM143 each.
  • They spent not less than RM441,330,000 to buy equipments for 7 Industrial Training Centers in Malaysia. The report shows that those equipments are much more expensive than their market prices. And equipments that cost around RM3,660,000 were not being used sufficiently.
  • To sum everything up, 9 government departments overspent around RM3.6 billion.


How much of them haven’t been found out yet? What is the actually number? I don’t know.


If you ask for my opinions about this article, I’m not going to criticize any party or talk about the taxes we people pay or whatever shit that might make me end up being arrested under ISA, but I must say that


I’m not surprised.


By the way, can anyone just hires me to government department already please?



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  1. chris_lim says:

    Same le, not surprised oso. Expect more shyt coming our way.

  1. Golden Man says:

    Its just how they do business.