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Broken In

Saturday, October 24, 2009 , Posted by Jz at 7:21 PM

Short talk:123

The chicken rice in Sungai Petani is a nightmare.




Dig up by dad early in the morning and rushed to Kedah because of the broken in of our house there. It had been empty for few months since my grandma moved to Penang.




I must say that the thief was pretty skilful, he, or she, cut one of the window railings and sneak inside unnoticed then locked all the doors from inside. Not to say about how he, or she, managed to squeeze himself, or herself, into the small hole he made.



The good news is, the thief only messed up with my grandma’s room and most of the things were fine. My rooms,




Living room with lots of things that a thief would probably steal,




And an envelope on my grandma’s bed which was probably forgotten by the thief.




However, the bad news is, after checking the angpaus inside the envelope, we noticed that the amount of money inside was seriously so not going to make a thief forgets to bring it along.


Unless, he or she found something made him more exciting, until he forgot the envelope, or thought the envelope was nothing compare to it.


Who knows what my grandma kept in the room that she had been living inside for the most of her life.


Whoever son of the bitch that thief is, fuck him, or her.


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  1. Please don't use such bad language.