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Who says foreign cars better?

Thursday, September 3, 2009 , Posted by Jz at 9:40 PM

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So even Macroeconomics is cool too, yes, that’s what I need to be a Prime Minister.



We always say ‘Malaysia Boleh’, but well, Malaysia’s boleh’ness has been doubted for about 2 centuries and 1 decade, especially for the local cars.


People have been complaining about the low quality of local cars and the high taxes on foreign cars. Well, if you put the low quality of local car and high taxes on foreign cars together, you will find that it’s very very reasonable isn’t it? That’s the only way to protect local car companies!


But the problem is, are foreign cars really better? Throw away all other issues and back to the basic need of the car – safety. People always say: local cars beh ho seh one lah, bo safe one.


Yea, driving in Malaysia is freaking dangerous. We do have a very high fatality rate, 26 per 100,000 people are killed in traffic crashes and about 6,3000 fatal accidents each year.



crash 176


Anyway, who the heck tells you that it’s because of low quality of local cars? But not the drivers themselves (fuck this, I guarantee you), low quality of roads, corruption and laziness of polices and others?


Maybe you need some Toyota Vios pictures from my friend.









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  1. Knight says:

    Just imagine yourself this. If Malaysia have no nasional car. Our country full of Import cars. BMW, Merz,Toyota, Honda, mazda....SAFETY Number 1! u name.. the price?? of course alot cheaper.

    Think la bro! we work same salary range as UK, their BMW cost 30k - 40k. Msia now??? You should know ???

    Malaysia boleh?? Boleh kasi duit la

  1. Jz says:

    Of course with no nasional cars, those foreign cars will be cheaper.

    You thought I'm not pissed with the taxes? Darn it! Penang and KL are full of cars and I'd have a RX8 if there were no taxes xD

    btw, you meant kasi or makan duit? LOLL