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SMS Prank

Tuesday, September 22, 2009 , Posted by Jz at 11:16 PM

Short talk:123

I’ve decided to use my holidays wisely, starting from tomorrow, which is the last day LOL.




4am in the morning, everyone was sleeping besides me. Wasn’t sleepy at all, and felt so boring, so I sent a SMS so some of my friends.


Wake up! Fire in da house! Wake up!


None of them replied, as expected. Of course, which asshole will stay until so late early like me. And when I woke up in the morning afternoon, I saw few replies.


Victim 1:

You crazy? Zz


Victim 2:

Swt! What time already?


Victim 3:

Wake up! Wake up! Time to go college!


Victim 4:

Fck you.


Victim 5:

My birthday also didn’t wish me! (That day was her birthday LOL)


And the best is this one, who MSN’ed me once I online.


Victim 6: Hey! Your house got fired?

Me: You guess?

Victim 6: Probably, you sent me that message, where’re you staying now? welfare house? Need anything?

Me: swt……

Victim 6: You okay or not?

Me: My house didn’t get fired =_=

Victim 6: Oh, sent wrong message?

Me: Sent to you on purpose just to disturb you.

Victim: Aiyo, next time don’t play that, I already told everyone your house got fired last night, they must be worrying so much.

Me: Zzzz……


I’d say that, I’m glad to have a friend like this –___________-



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  1. lol ur fren so gullible. Next time say, u got megan fox in ur hse he oso will believe.

  1. Jz says:

    Sab: I didn't say who lolool

    Andy: Tanx?

    Chris: I got BoA LOLOL