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A sexy woman in a restaurant

Tuesday, September 29, 2009 , Posted by Jz at 9:53 PM

Short talk:1234

I didn’t know why I felt delighted when one of my friend told me that my hair now is unacceptable for her and it makes her wanna punch on my face.



Read through Wayangtimes yesterday and I found a really interesting post, this one. It’s about a guy who saw a sexy woman in a restaurant and felt that her dressing was too outrageous and inappropriate. I bet most of they guy would think the same way:


WTH!? What’s wrong with the sexy dressing! What’s wrong with the outrageous! Why is it inappropriate! Of course, if she is not my girlfriend.


Well, you should have checked the picture before thinking that way.




And you will think: Oh mai god! Yes, I couldn’t agree more that this is totally too outrageous and inappropriate!


And the most interesting part is what the eyewitness (probably the luckiest person in the world) said:


“This woman totally spoilt my appetite……She might have her pride and she’s not afraid to dress like this in public, eating buffet as I watched her tummy gets bigger and bigger the more she ate.”


Anyway, the question is: How many people would go out that way? I mean, it’s almost impossible for a person like her to don’t know what kind of figure she has. If you were her, will you dare to wear it that way?


Unless, there is an incentive to push you there. What kind of incentive? Who knows? But who or what will be benefited by this? If you have noticed it, it was a buffet, and it made customers there lost their appetite. Therefore?


Ah fucked, I’m just thinking too much. Perhaps she felt sexy that way. Who knows?



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  1. aa i saw this in another blog d. But both times equally disgusting to see the picture.

  1. Jz says:

    wtf I felt this is awesome xD