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Movie: Where Got Ghost?

Monday, September 14, 2009 , Posted by Jz at 10:11 PM

Short talk:123

Made new glasses today, no choice, don’t want to wear the super-guai-kia-like glasses.





Another film from Jack Neo. Well, if you think that bringing girl(s) to this movie will bring you any benefit, you’re wrong. This movie isn’t scary at all. Why? You don’t know Jack Neo kah? Don’t know his movies’ style kah? It’s more to a comedy lah! A different and unique style of comedy lah.




Ah sorry, whenever I think about Jack Neo I’ll use Singlish unconsciously.


Of course, this movie is still worth to have a watch. Because in the first story (there are 3 stories in this movie), we have these 3 sohai’s.




And in the 2nd story, we have another 2 sohai’s.




Then in the last story, we have the 3 biggest sohai’s.




They’re really really good actors I’d say, because if I were them, I’d probably laugh to death before I say those lines.



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